Wabeek South Homeowners Association

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Wabeek South

Board Members
President: Cynthia Katz
Treasurer: Suresh Mangrulkar
Secretary: Jim Boschan
Member: Steve Bloom
Member: Andy Benedict
Member: Michael Barnd
Important Links
Subdivision Convenants
Subdivision By-Laws
Recycling Information
Wabeek Country Club
Contacts to Remember / Committees
Architectural Questions/Approvals: Jim Boschan
Beautification & Cul-de-sacs: Michael Barnd
Billing questions only: Irving Yellin (248) 357-1040
Other financial questions: Suresh Mangrulkar
Snow removal and salting (W.B. side): Andy Benedict
Trash (W.B. side): Richfield (877) 609-6753
Lighting: Steve Bloom
General questions: Cynthia Katz

To report a maintenance problem pertaining to someone else's property:
Bloomfield Township Ordinance Department (248) 433-7700
West Bloomfield Code Enforcement (248) 451-4880